The Vivalytic analyser


Vivalytic analyser

Hygienic and space-saving

No further peripherals such as laptop, keyboard, barcode scanner or filling stations are required. This makes Vivalytic a hygienic and space-saving all-in-one solution.

Direct, clear results

The test result is summarised clearly. Details on the raw data of each individual measurement can also be displayed as needed.

A protected system

To ensure a safe and reliable run, the Vivalytic Analyser integrates the software with the device. This represents the ultimate protection of the data and valuable sample material.

Connected and combinable

Easy integration with popular standard IT systems makes test results instantly available. An analyser device can be networked and combined with several other devices, so that several series of tests can be carried out in parallel at the same time. All devices are based on the same hardware and software, so that the product family can be expanded quickly and without major development effort or expense.

Universal sample lysing

Untreated samples can be insert to the cartridge without preparation. Ultrasound-assisted sample processing not only homogenises and lyses liquid samples and smears, but also more demanding samples such as tissue, stool and sputum. This allows analysis of bacteria, viruses and fungi from a single sample.