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The innovative solution for fast and reliable laboratory tests

Vivalytic makes time-consuming laboratory tests easy and fast – while retaining comparable safety and accuracy. The Vivalytic Analyser provides you with fully automated rapid PCR tests.

Lab Hero!

What is Vivalytic?

Vivalytic from Bosch is an innovative system for molecular laboratory diagnostics, which enables various laboratory tests to be performed fully automated. It consists of a compact Analyser and cartridges the size of a smartphone.

The Vivalytic Analyser stands on a white table in a laboratory. Beside it there are three boxes containing test cartridges.
Intuitive, reliable, compact

The Vivalytic Analyser

The Vivalytic Analyser unites various analysis methods, such as µArrays and melting curve analyses, in just one device, providing you with a wide range of PCR tests for different types of samples.

Advantages of the Vivalytic Analyser

The unique all-in-one solution makes laboratory work significantly easier: what previously would have required multiple test procedures and individual manual steps is now fully automated and carried out simultaneously by the Analyser.

  • Using the Vivalytic Analyser does not require any additional peripheral devices such as a laptop, keyboard, barcode scanner or filling stations.
  • The Vivalytic Analyser provides comprehensive test results both in the form of an overview and in detail, including analysis results You can easily connect the Vivalytic Analyser to your existing IT system in the laboratory (LIS) via its interfaces.
  • The highest IT security and data protection standards guarantee the effective and reliable protection of sensitive data.

A woman in a white coat performs a test on the Vivalytic Analyser in a laboratory. She is in the process of scanning the sample code. In the background you can see a man in a white coat who is also working with the Vivalytic Analyser.
A hand in a sterile glove holding a Vivalytic cartridge. The test is visible on the cartridge
Secure, innovative, efficient

The Vivalytic cartridges

The Vivalytic cartridges offer a lot of flexibility on minimal space. They make sample handling and hygienic work easier than ever before.

Advantages of the Vivalytic cartridges

The innovative, self-contained system of the Vivalytic cartridges not only ensures maximum safety – it also combines a wide variety of laboratory technologies for maximum usability.

  • Regardless of its size or the number of liquid reagents, a Vivalytic cartridge contains all required reagents for a test and is compatible with every Vivalytic Analyser.
  • With the Vivalytic cartridge, even the smallest samples can be efficiently tested.
  • With the help of intelligent, programmable microfluidics, Vivalytic makes it possible to analyze a sample in two independent, parallel PCR reactions.
  • The ultrasound-assisted sample processing homogenizes and lyses even the most demanding samples fully automated – making manual sample preparation obsolete.
  • We do not only take responsibility when it comes to health, but also when it comes to the environment, which is why the Vivalytic cartridges are carbon neutral.

A cartridge with the label STI is inserted into the Vivalytic Analyser.
The Vivalytic Analyser can be seen from the side on the right. A blue window opens at the top of the display. On the left, there is the arm of someone holding a pipette in their hand which they are using to place a sample into a Vivalytic cartridge.
Safe, sustainable, up-to-date


With Vivasuite, you can easily and conveniently carry out software updates remotely to ensure that the latest tests and features are always available.

The digital platform for Vivalytic products

By using Vivasuite, you can link every Vivalytic device to the connectivity solution from Bosch Healthcare Solutions. When developing the platform, providing security, fast updates, and easy maintenance were our top priorities.

  • Vivasuite is operated on the Bosch managed Cloud. The highest IT security and data protection standards are used here in order to guarantee the security of your data.
  • By using Vivasuite, you can install the latest software updates as well as view all stored information about your devices and their statistics.
  • Vivasuite actively helps you reduce service costs while ensuring the availability of your system at the same time. You can also easily manage users and devices.

A computer screen with a tablet and laptop sitting in front of it. All three devices have the Vivasuite website open.

In which departments is Vivalytic being used?

One device, countless possibilities: the Vivalytic test portfolio is continuously being developed and expanded. As a result, the Vivalytic Analyser can cover a wide variety of laboratory tests.

See how easy it is to perform a PCR test with Vivalytic

The video shows how to use the Analyser in four steps: 1. Scan the sample code. 2. Scan the cartridge code. 3. Fill in the sample and close the cartridge cover. 4. Insert the cartridge. The test will start automatically.

What exactly happens in the Vivalytic Analyser?

The Vivalytic Analyser automates complex, molecular diagnostic processes that previously had to be carried out manually. This guarantees maximum safety and quick availability of the test results.

1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step
1. Step
Preparing the sample
2. Step
Cell lysis
3. Step
Extraction of the nucleic acid
4. Step
DNA amplification
5. Step
Bio-analytical detection
1. Step
Preparing the sample
2. Step
Cell lysis
3. Step
Extraction of the nucleic acid
4. Step
DNA amplification
5. Step
Bio-analytical detection
1. Step
Samples are processed reliably.
2. Step
The external membrane of the cells is broken down through ultrasound.
3. Step
The nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) is purified for the PCR amplification.
4. Step
Specific DNA sequences are multiplied using PCR.
5. Step
The amplified DNA is identified by detecting a fluorescence or chemiluminescence signal.

Bosch Vivalytic: the advantages at a glance

The Vivalytic Analyser provides ideal assistance for maximum efficiency and safety in everyday laboratory work. Discover the most important advantages now.

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Fast results

The fully automated procedure minimizes work steps and speeds up processes. Depending on the complexity of the test, the results are available in under 30 minutes.

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Flexible application

The Vivalytic Analyser can perform both singleplex and multiplex tests. A wide variety of sample material can be tested without preparation.

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Universal detection system

With the Vivalytic Analyser, µArrays, qualitative or quantitative PCRs, and melting curve analyses can be read out in just one system.

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Standardized and reproducible

Vivalytic uses quantitative and qualitative PCR processes with three stable isothermal temperature zones, in which the microfluidic processing achieves fast heating and cooling cycles. This ensures a high test quality and reproducibility.

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Easy integration

The Vivalytic Analyser is equipped with standard interfaces to enable easy integration into existing hospital, laboratory or practice IT systems.

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Networked system

New, innovative services in the cloud guarantee system availability at all times. Automation proactively prevents possible defects and significantly minimizes downtimes.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? We have the answers.

What does the workflow of a test look like?

The workflow is a consistent automation of proven molecular-diagnostic procedures. The process lyses and homogenizes the sample using ultrasound. Next, the nucleic acid is filtered and washed. This takes place using a bind-wash-elute on a silica membrane. Then, depending on the test, the PCR-based amplification procedure is used. The respective detection procedure depends on the test and may be based on PCR, melting curve or microarray.

Who are your Vivalytic customers?

The portfolio is aimed at all medical facilities such as laboratories, medical practices and hospitals.

Who takes care of the maintenance of the Vivalytic devices?

Bosch has designed Vialytic to need as less maintenance as possible. Software updates will be provided with a cloud-based solution and be easily downloaded online.

Can you reuse the test cartridges?

No, the cartridges are a disposable product. Due to the potential contamination within the cartridges with samples that contain pathogens, reuse is not possible.

What test procedures can be carried out?

All common PCR procedures (detection methods) can be carried out: end-point PCR, quantitative real-time PCR, melting curve analysis, and microarray technology.

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