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One system, many possibilities: the Vivalytic test portfolio

A man in a white coat and a face mask is pipetting sample material into a Vivalytic cartridge labelled "SARS-CoV-2".
SARS-CoV-2 viruses on a blue-grey background.

Rapid PCR test for SARS-CoV-2

COVID-19 poses a serious challenge for our entire society. The Vivalytic SARS-CoV-2 test helps combat the pandemic through fast and reliable detection of infections.

A cluster of red SARS-CoV-2 viruses on a red-blue background.

SARS-CoV-2 pooling PCR test

With the Vivalytic SARS-CoV-2 Pooling PCR test, up to five samples can be tested simultaneously for the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen. Large-scale tests can thus be carried out quickly and easily.

Whooping cough viruses. These are red rods in bubbles.

Test for viral respiratory infections

The Vivalytic VRI test for viral respiratory infections can help with a quick diagnosis by testing different pathogens simultaneously and reliably.

Drawing of a human torso showing the lungs. A lot of viruses can be seen around the body.

Test for respiratory infections

With the Vivalytic RTI test, respiratory infections can be detected safely and quickly. Even diseases with similar symptoms become much easier to diagnose.

Illustration of chlamydia. These are small, turquoise-coloured bacteria on a red background.

Test for sexually transmitted infections

The Vivalytic STI test for sexually transmitted infections can reliably analyse a patient sample for ten different pathogens at once. The test is fully automated, regardless of the sample material being used.

 blue colored viruses in different sizes on a blue and white background

The Vivalytic SARS-CoV-2 Pooling PCR Test with a Lollipop Swab

The Vivalytic SARS-CoV-2 Pooling Test with a Lollipop-Swab is a particularly easy to use test for schools and daycare centres due to the simple sample collection and the efficient and very accurate PCR pooling procedure.

Strong partners for success

The open design of the Vivalytic platform enables our test providers to contribute to the rapid growth of the portfolio. Consequently, Vivalytic users benefit continuously from the innovations of our partners.

In order to build strategic, long-term partnerships, we want to pave the way for sustainable commercial success and guarantee stable, fair and responsible collaborations by working together in one international network. The Vivalytic business model combines the competencies of the test providers with the Bosch expertise, to provide innovative high-tech for the well-being of people everywhere.

Vivalytic and Randox: a strong team for the future

Randox is one of the world's leading companies in healthcare diagnostics. Every year, more than 370 million people in over 145 countries are given reliable diagnoses based on Randox products. Randox is known and respected for its cutting-edge research and outstanding quality, which enable diseases to be diagnosed even earlier and more reliably – today and in the future.

Randox company logo. It's the word Randox in green. There is a red dot in the "o".

R-Biopharm: innovative solutions for analysis and diagnostics

R-Biopharm is the leading supplier of proven test systems for clinical diagnostics, companion diagnostics, and food and feed analysis. For 30 years, the company has stood for high-performance products that deliver outstanding reliability and efficiency. Benefit-oriented, sustainable and groundbreaking: at R-Biopharm, customers will always find answers and solutions to current analytical challenges.

R-Biopharm company logo. This is black lettering with the word "r-biopharm". The lettering is in a rectangle. Next to this is a square with four circles, on which there is a black "r".

BioGX: working together with an innovative reagent manufacturer

BioGX Inc. headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama (USA) develops and commercializes molecular diagnostics reagents across diverse applications. BioGX operates in a cGMP compliant environment certified to International Standard ISO 13485. The company applies its proprietary platform-agnostic reagent technology to offer products and contract services across a variety of real-time PCR and Next Generation Sequencing platforms. The Sample-ReadyTM technology is at the core of all product offerings for Clinical, Food Safety, Pharma and Water Quality molecular testing.

BioGX company logo. A logo in which the word "Bio" can be seen in grey and the letters "GX" in dark blue. Underneath are the words "Molecular Made Easy", in a smaller font and also in grey.