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The Vivalytic Analyser: the all-in-one solution for PCR rapid tests

The Vivalytic Analyser enables fully automated PCR testing in laboratory quality – fast and directly at the point of care.

The Vivalytic Analyser is on a white table in a laboratory. Two boxes with Vivalytic cartridges can be seen in the background.

What is Vivalytic?

Vivalytic consists of just a compact analysis device and cartridges the size of a smartphone. This enables rapid PCR tests to be carried out directly on site.

The Vivalytic Analyser unites a wide variety of innovative technologies in one compact device. With only a touch display, a slot for inserting the test cartridge, a button and a scanner, the Analyser is very intuitive to use. This minimalistic design makes the Vivalytic system very user-friendly: medical professionals require only minimal training to be able to safely operate the Analyser.

Different types of samples can be tested fully automated with the Vivalytic Analyser. The innovative technology reduces the need for manual preparation. The Analyser takes over this task before the analysis and evaluation takes place. Depending on the complexity of the test, a PCR test with the Vivalytic Analyser can take as little as half an hour.

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The advantages of the Analyser


The Vivalytic Analyser is intuitive to use and easy to handle, even for healthcare professionals without laboratory experience.


With its compact dimensions, the Vivalytic Analyser can be used anywhere – be it in the laboratory, on the hospital ward or directly at the point of care.


The Analyser combines various analysis methods, such as µArrays, qualitative or quantitative PCRs, as well as melting curve analyses.


The results are made available immediately – both the clear summary and the raw data of the measurement.


For efficiency and convenience, the Analyser can both be integrated into existing IT systems and connected to other Analysers.


The highest IT security and data protection standards guarantee the effective and reliable protection of sensitive data.

Innovation made in Germany

The Vivalytic Analyser is on a white table in a laboratory. Next to it, three boxes of Vivalytic cartridges can be seen. At the bottom of the picture there is a circle with a black border with the words "Made in Germany" and a circle with the logo "simply connected", as well as the Java logo with the words "Java POWERED".

True to our motto "Invented for life", we aim to create solutions that sustainably improve people's quality of life in the long run. In doing so, we consistently rely on the core competencies of the Bosch Group, such as sensor and microsystem technology, miniaturisation, software and intelligent networking, and the manufacture of high-precision, complex products in Bosch quality. All our products are developed and produced in Germany.

Everything at a glance

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Technical data sheet

Vivalytic Analyser

See how easy it is to perform a PCR test with Vivalytic

The video shows how to use the Analyser in four steps: 1. Scan the sample code. 2. Scan the cartridge code. 3. Fill in the sample and close the cartridge cover. 4. Insert the cartridge. The test will start automatically.

Everything about Vivalytic

A manwearing a white coat and a face mask is pipetting sample material into a Vivalytic cartridge labelled "SARS-CoV-2".

The current test portfolio

Vivalytic's test portfolio is continuously being expanded. Together with our biological partners, we are constantly working on automating more PCR tests for you. Discover which PCR tests are currently available.

A woman in a white coat is sitting in a laboratory and looking at a tablet. There is a Vivalytic Analyser next to the tablet.

Where is Vivalytic used?

The unique Vivalytic system can be used by healthcare professionals in laboratories, hospitals, doctors and other industries to provide reliable and fast PCR tests. Discover all application areas.