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Rapid PCR tests for high protection – in every company

The effects of the Corona pandemic affect our entire society, including the industrial and hospitality sectors, which now are faced with the challenge of creating a safe environment for staff and customers. Vivalytic enables us to efficiently detect and break infection chains.


What is Vivalytic?

Vivalytic consists of merely a compact Analyser and cartridges the size of a smartphone. That's everything you need to carry out rapid PCR tests exactly where they are needed.

A Vivalytic Analyser standing on the table
Safe, intuitive, compact

The Vivalytic Analyser

With the Vivalytic Analyser, rapid PCR tests can be carried out safely and with minimal effort. The testing process is fully automated.

Advantages of the Vivalytic cartridges

The compact Analyser fits into the smallest of spaces and can PCR test several samples directly on site.

  • The Vivalytic Analyser is very intuitive and easy to use: Healthcare professionals only require minimal training to operate it.
  • Depending on the test, the results of a rapid PCR test are available after just 39 minutes.
  • Using the Vivalytic Analyser does not require any additional peripheral devices such as a laptop, keyboard, barcode scanner or charging station.
  • The highest IT security and data protection standards guarantee the effective and reliable protection of sensitive data.

A man in a white coat is standing in front of the Vivalytic Analyser, which has been placed on a white table. The man is in the process of scanning the sample code.
A hand in a sterile glove holding a Vivalytic cartridge. The SARS-CoV-2 label is visible on the cartridge.
Secure, innovative, efficient

The Vivalytic cartridges

With the Vivalytic cartridges you get the functionality of an entire laboratory in the size of a smartphone. This facilitates hygienic working conditions and reliable testing.

Advantages of the Vivalytic cartridges

Samples are typically examined using various different laboratory technologies. The innovative system of the Vivalytic cartridges unites them all, allowing tests to be carried out in a fully automated manner.

  • The samples automatically processed and prepared for testing in the Vivalytic cartridges, which increases usability and saves time.
  • The tried and tested Vivalytic cartridges test different kinds of samples in a safe and reliable manner.
  • The cartridge is easy to handle. This self-contained system guarantees high security.
  • We not only take responsibility when it comes to health, but in environmental matters as well. That's why Vivalytic cartridges are carbon neutral.

A cartridge with the label STI is inserted into the Vivalytic Analyser.
A sample is being taken from a person via a throat swab
Safe, sustainable, innovative


With Vivasuite, you can easily and conveniently carry out software updates remotely. This way, you can ensure that the latest tests and features are always available.

The digital platform for Vivalytic products

By using Vivasuite, you can link every Vivalytic device to the connectivity solution from Bosch Healthcare Solutions. When developing the platform, providing security, fast updates, and easy maintenance were our top priorities.

  • Vivasuite is operated on the Bosch managed Cloud. The highest IT security and data protection standards are used here in order to guarantee the security of your data.
  • By using Vivasuite, you can install the latest software updates as well as view all stored information about your devices and their statistics.
  • Vivasuite actively helps you reduce service costs while ensuring the availability of your system at the same time. You can also easily manage users and devices.

Vivasuite website is open on all three devices.
The rapid PCR test for SARS‑CoV‑2
The rapid PCR test for SARS-CoV-2

Comprehensive results in just 39 minutes

COVID-19 has left no area unaffected – starting with the health system, to our private lives and finally, our work life. Especially in companies with many employees, protecting the staff and customers is of utmost importance. Vivalytic brings a little normality back: The Vivalytic SARS-CoV-2 tests provide reliable results in just 39 minutes.

Here's how Vivalytic can assist you

Better protection through faster reactions: Vivalytic provides you with ideal support in health management to contribute to everyone’s protection.

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Fast results

A fully automated process ensures results can be available within a timeframe as short as 30 minutes, depending on the complexity of the test

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High precision

Independent studies have shown that the test results of the Vivalytic Analyser are reliable and accurate.

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Easy handling

Even medical professionals without special laboratory experience can carry out the tests with minimal training.

See how easy it is to perform a PCR test with Vivalytic

The video shows how to use the Analyser in four steps: 1. Scan the sample code. 2. Scan the cartridge code. 3. Fill in the sample and close the cartridge cover. 4. Insert the cartridge. The test will start automatically.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? We have the answers.

What does the workflow of a test look like?

The workflow is a consistent automation of proven molecular-diagnostic procedures. The process lyses and homogenizes the sample using ultrasound. Next, the nucleic acid is filtered and washed. This takes place using a bind-wash-elute on a silica membrane. Then, depending on the test, the PCR-based amplification procedure is used. The respective detection procedure depends on the test and may be based on PCR, melting curve or microarray.

Is there any specific training needed to operate Vivalytic?

Vivalytic is easy and intuitive to operate. Minimal training expenditure will suffice. This means that hospital staff with little laboratory experience can also operate Vivalytic.

Who takes care of the maintenance of the Vivalytic devices?

Bosch has designed Vialytic to need as less maintenance as possible. Software updates will be provided with a cloud-based solution and be easily downloaded online.

Can you reuse the test cartridges?

No, the cartridges are a disposable product. Due to the potential contamination within the cartridges with samples that contain pathogens, reuse is not possible.

Do I need special protection while working with Vivalytic?

The risk of infection is reduced to a minimum due to the closed Vivalytic system and its cartridge.

What does the Vivalytic device and the SARS-CoV-2 test cost?

Bosch Healthcare Solutions cannot provide any information on the prices, as we do not market the product ourselves. The pricing policy is a matter for our sales partners.

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