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Nursing home Villa Rosenstein

"It really is a blessing": Vivalytic in the Villa Rosenstein nursing home

The display of a Vivalytic Analyser that is currently performing a SARS-CoV-2 PCR rapid test shows a remaining time of 39 minutes. The Analyser is on a table.

Nursing care during the pandemic

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, everyday life of the nursing staff at Villa Rosenstein changed massively. The increased precautionary measures and concern for the physical and mental well-being of the residents put a strain on the employees.

From the now more difficult bonding process and obstacles in the communication caused by having to wear masks, to visiting restrictions and the lockdown of entire wards, staff and residents had to go through a lot of unpleasant adjustments. Nevertheless, especially in areas with vulnerable, high-risk groups particular care must be taken.

Vivalytic alleviates the tension a bit: for example, if a resident shows symptoms, they can now be tested directly on site so that measures can be taken immediately, if necessary. This way, everyone involved feels safer, and staff, residents and visitors are protected around the clock. At Villa Rosenstein, they don’t just respond to the difficult conditions created by the pandemic, they proactively prevent its spread.

As a nursing home, Villa Rosenstein already employs many medically trained specialists who can easily carry out the tests thanks to the intuitive use of the Analyser. As a result, Vivalytic was able to bring comfort and security from day one – for everyone involved.

Vivalytic in the Villa Rosenstein nursing home

Picture of the manager of the Villa Rosenstein nursing home, Marisol Pohl-Catalan.

"Ever since this device is in our facility and we have been able to use it, we've noticed that everyday life has really become a bit more relaxed. It really is a blessing."

Marisol Pohl-Catalan, Manager

About the nursing home Villa Rosenstein

The Villa Rosenstein is a private institution for people with geronto-psychiatric changes. With scientific support, the nursing home aims to create living environments that are appropriate for the residents and their challenges.