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Vivalytic in action

Mobile test stations from Randox enable simple and fast testing with Vivalytic from Bosch

In the foreground is a mobile test center from randox with office buildings in the background.

Vivalytic in mobile Randox test stations

Our distribution partner Randox is one of the largest testing providers with over 30 Randox testing sites in the UK and Ireland, including clinics, travel centers, and mobile labs called cubes, where Bosch Vivalytic analyzers are used.

View of a randox mobile test center with medical personnel. Vivalytic analyzers can be seen in the background.

Test as many people as possible

The mobile labs and testing locations, are used to rapidly test as many people as possible. These facilities are used, for example, during international travel or basically for destinations with high demand for testing or where PCR test results not older than 24 hours are needed.

The testing procedure is simple and convenient for the client/tested person. The appointment for testing is scheduled online. The sample collection is performed by healthcare professionals in one of the test centers and the result is available after 1-3 hours. The required travel certificate is of course included.

Vivalytic analyzers from Bosch are lined up next to each other in a mobile test center from Randox. The respective samples stand in front of the analyzers.