Strong partners for success

The Vivalytic business model – for growing test options.

In view of establishing strategic long-term partnerships, we are committed to being a pioneer for sustainable business success and to guaranteeing stable, fair and responsible collaboration through our work within an international network. The Vivalytic business model combines the capabilities of test providers with proven Bosch expertise in delivering high-tech in consistently outstanding quality.


Vivalytic was deliberately conceived as an open platform. Various test providers can and should benefit from our innovative business model as well as from Vivalytic’s research and development results to date.

We provide interfaces for integrating existing tests, allowing even small companies and start-ups with innovative testing to enjoy convenient access to automating their products.

Bosch Vivalytic’s product marketing is taking place in a collaborative effort among partners and is therefore resulting in new distribution channels for them and the successful expansion of the Vivalytic test options.

For its market launch, Vivalytic is offering two infectious disease diagnostic tests and one human genetic test. For this purpose, Bosch Healthcare Solutions has established partnerships with Randox Laboratories and R-Biopharm.

The test portfolio will be continuously expanded with these and other partners.


Randox is one of the world's leading companies in healthcare diagnostics. Every year, more than 370 million people in over 145 countries are given reliable diagnoses based on Randox products. Randox is known and respected for its cutting-edge research and outstanding quality, which enable diseases to be diagnosed even earlier and more reliably – today and in the future.


R-Biopharm: Innovative solutions for analytics and diagnostics.

R-Biopharm is the leading supplier of proven test systems for clinical diagnostics, companion diagnostics, and food and feed analysis. For 30 years, the company has stood for high-performance products that deliver outstanding reliability and efficiency. Benefit-oriented, sustainable and groundbreaking: at R-Biopharm, customers will always find answers and solutions to current analytical challenges.