PCR-Test for SARS‑CoV‑2

Vivalytic is a universal platform for molecular diagnostics, which enables various laboratory tests to be performed swiftly and in a fully automated manner. The platform unites a wide spectrum of tests with a varying number of clinically relevant parameters on one device.

One device, many benefits


Direct application

Manual test preparation, cold chain of the reagents or the use of different devices are no longer required. They are now combined in a single step – in a fully automated manner.


Universal use

All commonly used molecular diagnostic detection methods are supported. With Vivalytic, molecular diagnostic tests from many manufacturers can be easily automated..


All-in-one solution

No further peripherals such as laptop, keyboard, barcode scanner or filling stations are required. This makes Vivalytic a hygienic and space-saving all-in-one solution.


Fast test results

Thanks to automation, results are achieved in just a few steps. Depending on test complexity, results can be available and displayed within a timeframe as short as 30 minutes.



Single and multiplex tests can be carried out on a single platform. A wide range of sample material can be processed directly without preparation.


Easy integration

Integration into an existing hospital, laboratory or practice IT is easily implemented via standard interfaces.

Taking responsibilty for health

It is inherent to the nature of medicine that its greatest concern is to cure the suffering and, where this is not possible, to alleviate pain.

Robert Bosch

Vivalytic - an innovation that puts all our knowledge to work

Headquarters Renningen

Vivalytic evolved thanks to in-depth, interdisciplinary research with partners who bring together researchers from various disciplines as well as collaborators who contribute their practical experience and requirements from everyday medical practice.

The Robert Bosch Hospital also supports the ongoing development process with practical trials of new application areas and testing opportunities with Vivalytic.

Core competences of Bosch

Vivalytic from Bosch builds on core competence such as sensor technology, mass production, automation, networking and miniaturization.

Vivalytic cartridge

With Vivalytic, we are offering a all-in-one solution for molecular diagnostics – based on consistent development incorporating User Experience (UX) perspectives. It is easy and intuitive to use and conceived for universal use.

The newest test from Vivalytic