Vivalytic cartridges

Maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Vivalytic cartridges


All reagents needed for a test are included on the cartridge. There are Vivalytic cartridges with six or nine liquid reagents. Both versions are compatible with all Vivalytic analysers.

Programmable microfluidics

Through intelligent, programmable microfluidics, it is possible to analyse a sample in two independent, parallel-running PCR reactions. Moreover, the cartridge allows the input of sample volumes between 50 μL and 2 mL. Therefore, even the smallest sample quantities can be tested efficiently, quickly and without loss.

Standardised and reproducible

Vivalytic performs quantitative and qualitative PCR procedures with three stable isothermal temperature zones, where microfluidic processing achieves fast heating and cooling cycles. This ensures high test quality and reproducibility.

A universal detection system

The analyser features a universal optical evaluation unit. This enables μArrays, qualitative or quantitative PCRs as well as melting curve analyses to be read out in one system.

Multiplex degree

Four standard colour channels can be evaluated per PCR strand. This corresponds to a degree of multiplexing of up to eight for qualitative or quantitative PCR, or up to sixteen in multichannel melting curve analysis.

Geometric multiplexing using μArrays allows a much higher number to be tested. Typically, 10 to 50 properties are examined. The Vivalytic platform therefore has a consistent and future-proof spectrum at its disposal.